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January 2011 Building Program Update

Feb 16, 2011January 2011 Building Program Update

January flew by with significant progress being made on construction. January highlights included the completion of the footings of the new Church. Father Mosimann again invoked the intercession of Our Lady by spreading Miraculous Medals throughout the foundation. The Miraculous Medal was created by Saint Catherine Labouré following a vision of the Blessed Virgin Mary in 1830 in Paris.

Here are the topics that are covered below in more detail:

* Construction Highlights
* Financial & Fundraising
* Church Interior
* Auction
* Spiritual Emphasis
* Construction Schedule
* How you can help

Construction Progress

Construction progressed in January with the major item being the completion of the footings for the main Church structure. We did lose six days due to inclement weather but our contractor is working diligently to maintain our schedule which puts us in our new Church in March of 2012! Here is a recap of the major construction items:

* Footings at Main Church were completed last week
* Masonry foundation walls are in progress
* Utility work to start this week
* Prefabricated steeples, roofing, doors/frames/hardware, and sprinkler packages were awarded

Financial & Fundraising Update

To date we have 943 families who have pledged a total of $7,544,292 to our Upon this Rock capital campaign. We also had about $4M in cash when we began the campaign so our total funds committed to our building project is just over $11.5M. This is great news, but of course we still have a gap of approximately $3.5M to fill. The building committee continues to work with the parish for additional opportunities to raise funds such as the Auction this Saturday night.

A small team has been working to provide the avenue for new parishioners to pledge to our capital campaign. You can help with this effort by talking with new parishioners about the importance for every family to pledge and inviting any new friends to contact the parish office to learn how to pledge.

We would also like to thank all those that are regularly paying off their pledges. We track collections each month to ensure that we are collecting the money needed to pay the construction costs. To date we have collected $2,987,892 of the above pledged amount. Our monthly average has been nearly $120,000 each month. This is right on target for collecting the entire $7.5M pledged within the five year campaign.

Church Interior

In December we gained approval from the Bishop to purchase liturgical items from a closed Parish in New Jersey. In January we completed the negotiations with the Archdiocese of Newark to secure the major liturgical items including an altar, reredo and pews. A specialized contractor has been hired and is in the process of removing the items from the Church. The items will be brought to Virginia for storage until we are ready to place them in our new Church.

A Night in Tuscany

St. John’s Annual Dinner and Auction which will be held on February 12th at River Creek Country Club has sold out!! If you are attending please remember to stop by a special event during the auction where we will share details on the interior of the Church featuring the architect’s 3D renderings. For those not able to attend we will host a coffee/donut in rooms 1& 2 soon to display the drawings.

For those attending, the auction begins at 6:00pm. Get there early as there are over 150 silent auctions items to bid on in addition to 30 items in the live action.

Spiritual Emphasis

We added another 73,000 Hail Mary’s over the last month bring our total to 2,264,634 Hail Marys prayed.

Please send your prayer counts to Marie Carpenter via email:

Also, remember to pick up your rosaries in the church office if you are in the 500 Club.

As always, here is a short summary of how can you help -

Remember to pray your Hail Mary’s and turn in your prayer counts! Make it a family affair – pray the rosary together and for each family member you have just prayed 53 Hail Mary’s. For a family of 5 that is 265 Hail Mary’s!! Submit prayer counts to: .

If you have not pledged, please contact Ken Tschida. It is important that everyone in our parish make a commitment to support the building of our Church.

Phone number: 540-454-3978


Remember that you can take advantage of the convenience of direct deposit for your building fund contribution and / or your weekly offertory. Please visit the Faith Direct web site to sign up. The site is secure, the process will take only a few minutes to set up, and enrollment will eventually reduce costs of the parish for accounting while being an extremely convenient way for you to give.

If you have a question, please ask. If you have a comment, please let us know. You can ask any of the committee members, our campaign manager (Ken Tschida), our wonderful priests, or just simply submit your question/comment via email to .

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