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December 2010 Building Program Update

Feb 16, 2011December 2010 Building Program Update

Happy New Year! As we enter our last full year celebrating Masses in our Parish Center we should reflect on the wonderful blessings of 2010. Father Mosimann indicated that his only Christmas wish in 2009 was to see a bulldozer in 2010. He certainly got his wish – there are now lots of bulldozers on the hill. The contractor continues to make significant progress and has even begun to pour the footings of our new Church!!!

IMPORTANT NOTE: In the next few weeks the upper parking lot (closest to the rectory) will be torn up as part of the construction project. We will lose about 47 parking spaces for approximately 6 months. We are looking into some other parking options so stay tuned. Please consider attending some of less crowded Masses if you are able during this time in order to ease the burden at the 10 and 11:30am Masses.

Here are the topics that are covered below in more detail:

* Church Interior
* Construction Highlights
* Spiritual Emphasis
* Auction
* Private Label Wine Results
* Construction Schedule
* How you can help

Church Interior

In December we gained approval from the Bishop to pursue the purchase of liturgical items from a closed Parish in New Jersey. We are currently in negotiations with the Archdiocese of Newark to secure the major liturgical items from a large Church that closed. The Liturgical Committee and Architect are working on a strategy to remove and store the items in anticipation of re-purposing them in our new Church.

Construction Progress

* Site grading & clearing completed for the Main Building pad
* Contractor received steel Re-Bar
* Main Church site pad completed
* Contractor has replaced the initial sewage inlet protection material
* Contractor has started pouring the main church building footings

Check out the bulletin board in the Narthex where construction pictures are displayed. We are in process of updating the website to include pictures of the construction as well.

Spiritual Emphasis

We are now well over the 2 million mark with 2,191,305 Hail Marys prayed.

Please send your prayer counts to Marie Carpenter via email:

Also, remember to pick up your rosaries in the church office if you are in the 500 Club.

A Night in Tuscany

St. John’s Annual Dinner and Auction will be held on February 12th at River Creek Country Club. Ticket and donation forms can be found in this week’s bulletin. A special event is planned during the auction to share details on the interior of the Church featuring the architect’s 3D renderings. Please plan on joining your fellow parishioners for a fabulous evening – A Night in Tuscany.

Private Label Wine

Our commemorative wine sales were a very big success with many parishioners taking advantage of a unique Christmas gift opportunity. We sold the majority of the wine and kept a few cases to help us celebrate over the months to come as we make significant progress on the construction of our new Church. Thanks to everyone who partook in this creative fundraiser. Thanks especially to Phil Rusciolelli who spearheaded the entire effort and to Tarara Winery for their generous support of this fundraiser.

Construction Schedule

As always, here is a short summary of how can you help -

Remember to pray your Hail Mary’s and turn in your prayer counts! Make it a family affair – pray the rosary together and for each family member you have just prayed 53 Hail Mary’s. For a family of 5 that is 265 Hail Mary’s!! Submit prayer counts to: .

If you have not pledged, please contact Ken Tschida. It is important that everyone in our parish make a commitment to support the building of our Church.

Phone number: 540-454-3978


Remember that you can take advantage of the convenience of direct deposit for your building fund contribution and / or your weekly offertory. Please visit the Faith Direct web site to sign up. The site is secure, the process will take only a few minutes to set up, and enrollment will eventually reduce costs of the parish for accounting while being an extremely convenient way for you to give.

If you have a question, please ask. If you have a comment, please let us know. You can ask any of the committee members, our campaign manager (Ken Tschida), our wonderful priests, or just simply submit your question/comment via email to .

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