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November 2010 Building Program Update

Dec 07, 2010November 2010 Building Program Update

You should be noticing lots of activity now on the corner of N. King Street and Oakcrest Manor Drive. Read below for an update on construction as well as other important topics including milestones in our Spiritual Emphasis Campaign and in-pew results.

Here are the topics that are covered below in more detail:

* Spiritual Emphasis
* Capital Campaign – In Pew Results
* Private Label Wine
* Construction Progress
* How you can help

Spiritual Emphasis

Two years ago we began our Spiritual Emphasis Campaign. We began by introducing the Building Prayer which we have prayed every Sunday and Holy Day for the past two years. We also kicked off the Hail Mary Campaign in January of 2009 and have just surpassed the 2,000,000th Hail Mary with 2,082,000 prayed!

The Hail Mary Campaign has been a huge success giving every parishioner the opportunity to significantly participate in building our Church. Especially rewarding is seeing the prayers come in from our youngest parishioners. Here are some figures showing the wonderful participation:

Participants: 711individuals, families and religious education classes

500 Club: 226 members

10,000 Club: 31 members

Over 50,000: 6

The daily Mass rosary group has prayed over 300,000 prayers for our Church. And the most proliferate prayers are a single family that has contributed over 400,000 Hail Marys!!

We suspect there are many of you out there praying for the new church but not reporting your efforts. Don’t be shy!!! Your prayer count added to your fellow parishioners will inspire others. Please send your prayer counts to Marie Carpenter via email:

Also, remember to pick up your rosaries in the church office if they are in the 500 Club. There are a few beautiful rosaries waiting for people to pick up.

Capital Campaign – In Pew Results

The weekend of November 13 & 14 we invited everyone who had not yet pledged to make a pledge. The results were outstanding with an additional 150 families making a pledge or increasing the amount of their previous pledge. The total of all pledges received is an additional $500,000 towards our capital campaign bringing our total in the Upon this Rock Campaign to $7,500,000!

It isn’t too late, if you haven’t yet pledged or if you can increase your pledge a form can be found on the parish website. Simply download a copy, complete it and drop it off in the office or in the collection basket on Sunday.

With the in-pew pledges we now have over 40% of our parish families pledging in our current capital campaign.

Private Label Wine

The wine is almost here! If you have pre-ordered wine you can pick it up after masses this weekend or next (December 11/12 and 18/19). There are still bottles available so if you didn’t have a chance to order just bring your cash or credit card to mass and you can pick up a few bottles to use during your holiday celebrations or give out as Christmas presents.

Orders can be completed by filling out an order form that can be found on the church web site – These order forms can be dropped off at the church office.

If you have questions please contact Phil Rusciolelli at 703-431-3859 or

Construction Progress

Over the last month the final sediment control actions have been put in place and the pre-construction team from Whiting-Turner is busy clearing the necessary trees and brush from the construction site. They have received the permit to disturb the land so stripping of the topsoil can begin within the week.

Excess dirt is being hauled to a designated area behind the Parish Center to be used later in the process to fill in areas where dirt is needed. Once everything is cleared and the top layer of soil is stripped they will begin to establish the building pad. God willing we will see concrete sometime over the holidays and steel going up around March.

As you have surely noticed there is now a construction trailer on-site. W-T personnel are present daily to ensure the smooth construction of our Church. Currently there is a generator providing power to the trailer. This is only temporary as Dominion Power will be supplying power to them shortly which will eliminate the noise and fumes from the generator.

W-T is committed to minimizing the impact of the construction project on us and our neighbors and have implemented many processes to keep the area around the site as clean as possible. For instance, before trucks leave the construction site they stop at a large built-in grate and use hoses to spray the mud off their tires. This will significantly reduce the amount of mud trailing into our parking lot and onto Oakcrest Manor Drive.
Jim Wynn, Building Committee member, and his team of Parishioner PMPs (Professional Project Managers) will be meeting with Whiting Turner every two weeks. This working group will keep a pulse on the project’s progress enabling us to identify potential areas of concern before they become larger issues and thereby staying on schedule.

As always, here is a short summary of how can you help -

Remember to pray your Hail Mary’s and turn in your prayer counts! Make it a family affair – pray the rosary together and for each family member you have just prayed 53 Hail Mary’s. For a family of 5 that is 265 Hail Mary’s!! Submit prayer counts to: .

If you have not pledged, please contact Ken Tschida. It is important that everyone in our parish make a commitment to support the building of our Church.

Phone number: 540-454-3978


Remember that you can take advantage of the convenience of direct deposit for your building fund contribution and / or your weekly offertory. Please visit the Faith Direct web site to sign up. The site is secure, the process will take only a few minutes to set up, and enrollment will eventually reduce costs of the parish for accounting while being an extremely convenient way for you to give.

If you have a question, please ask. If you have a comment, please let us know. You can ask any of the committee members, our campaign manager (Ken Tschida), our wonderful priests, or just simply submit your question/comment via email to .

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