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St. John the Apostle Preschool is a developmental preschool committed to learning and the spiritual development of our three and four year-old children. Our program encourages educational and religious growth and development in a stimulating, age-appropriate setting. Stories, games, music and art are used to encourage learning at all stages of child development and provide a nurturing environment. Our activities are hands-on and child-centered. We believe that our three and four year-old children should have fun while learning. Our focus is on the “whole child.” Special attention is given to the social, developmental, spiritual, and physical growth of the children. St. John the Apostle is a Catholic preschool, but children do not have to be Catholic to attend.


The Preschool’s curriculum is designed to prepare children with the skills and content that will make them successful in kindergarten. The three year-old program encourages cooperation and socialization, with early development of the skills and content they will build in the four year-old program. As the four year-old children prepare for kindergarten, areas of focus include language, visual, auditory, mathematics, social, fine and motor skills. Both programs have planned activities, a daily schedule, the availability and use of many kinds of materials and transitions between activities. The children work on skill development on a daily basis. Examples of these skills include:

language — communication, group discussion, story predictions, methods of identification and phonics;

visual — patterns, sequencing, recognition and identification of upper and lower case letters;

auditory — attentive listening, following directions, listening and responding to a series of three directions, enjoying books, and participating in music;

mathematics — identifying, ordering and writing numbers, sorting, measurement, and position;

socialization — playing cooperatively, considering others’ feelings, developing age-appropriate attention span, and developing positive self-confidence;

safety and hygiene — participates in fire, tornado and shelter-in-place drills, knows and follows rules on the playground and in the classroom and Preschool, demonstrates independent bathroom skills, understands hygiene and its importance in food safety;

fine and gross motor skills — uses scissors, pencils, crayons, paint brushes and glue correctly, uses coat hooks properly, and exhibits age-appropriate skills such as running, climbing and sliding.

The daily schedule is intended to provide a balance of activities. Each day starts with circle time when children rotate as the leaders of prayer, Pledge of Allegiance, calendar and weather activities as well as many other “jobs” during the day. Developing student self-esteem and leadership skills is a major goal in everyday activities. Music, books and art play a large part in our children’s everyday experiences. Children have a snack and play inside or outside each day.

St. John’s Preschool strives to:
  1. foster positive self-concept;
  2. foster spiritual development;
  3. encourage children to think, reason, question and experiment;
  4. develop social skills;
  5. encourage language development;
  6. enhance physical development and skills;
  7. encourage and demonstrate sound health, safety and nutritional practices; and
  8. encourage creative expression.

2019-2020 School Year


Dr. Jane Taylor, Preschool Director Preschool Office (703) 777-7873 or Parish Office (703) 777-1317




Parents are invited to visit the Preschool. Please call Director Jane Taylor at (703) 777-7873 to schedule an individual meeting and tour. Children are welcome.


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